More Ideas

Over the past 7 months of using the Jibun Techo Planner, I have found it to be perfect for my needs.  This is the first planner I’ve used that hasn’t had me searching for a new one shortly after getting it.  Part of it is the flexibility of having the Idea Book.

I created an Index at the front of the book.  Then numbered the pages to keep track of where everything is.  It’s been valuable for documenting doctor appointments, travel plans, various types of activity trackers, etc.  In the next half of the year, my plans include creating a page for each of the remaining months in this year.  Those pages will be for creating goals and reflecting on what helped to advance those goals and what didn’t.

There are about 80 pages in the Idea Book. The number is a guestimate because some pages were used to jot down information on, then torn out and given to someone else. A quick game of tic tac toe with a niece here,  a list cool art supplies there, an impromptu ‘Honey Do’ list; you know…  despite that, the binding has kept it’s integrity.

There are two locations on each page where you can give it a page number.  Each page has a blank top corner and bottom corner square along the outer edge.  This is another way I find this planner to be flexible. When I’ve needed to turn the Idea Book sideways (binding at the top) to create an extra long tracker, I was still able to add a page number in my chicken scratch handwriting that could be easily read when holding it like that. Pretty nifty, huh?  It’s been a really good planner for me, thanks to it’s flexibility.